Internal Audit Co-Sourcing

Internal Audit Co-Sourcing

Internal Audit

Traditionally, internal audit work was undertaken mainly by in-house teams. Through time this has changed and now many organisations outsource, either completely or partially, their internal audit function.  There are many reasons why firms chose to outsource or co-source internal audit. However, in most cased, as modern internal audit functions need a broad range of skills to provide an effective and comprehensive service, they would benefit from the flexibility offered by a third party provider of expert resources.

Why GRT Consulting

We have an experienced team of associates providing constructive challenge and bringing innovative ideas and broader business insight beyond the traditional focus on controls. We can provide a co-sourced Internal Audit function tailored to your specifically needs by understanding your pain points, challenges, needs and required outcomes from your multiple stakeholders.


  • GRT operates on a variable cost model that will help you maximise your budget with resources that will hit the ground running hard.
  • We offer competitive rates in comparison with the larger firms whilst maintaining the quality of the professional staff through a detailed screening mechanism based on direct experience and personal references.
  • The perception that the independence of the internal auditor from management would be strengthened by rotating Auditor In-Charge between permanent and co-source professionals.
  • We can help even out short term gaps in your team resources due to factors e.g. maternity leave, staff seconded to projects, long term illness cover etc.
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