Internal Audit Co-Sourcing

Internal Audit Co-Sourcing

Internal Audit

The biggest challenge for internal audit is to keep abreast of changing business models and develop the in line with these advanced business models.

Internal audit should play a role that meets the expectations and is in line with the rapid developments, not only to provide reasonable assurance on the changing control environment but also to advise.


You will have experienced team providing constructive challenge and bringing innovative ideas, maintaining, adding and creating value, critical and ‘out of the box’ thinking and broader business insight beyond the traditional focus on controls.

You will have an Internal Audit team that will take a greater effort to prepare, plan and be equipped.

Provide a co-sourced Internal Audit function tailored to your specifically needs by understanding your pain points, challenges, needs and required outcomes from your multiple stakeholders.

You will have a team with extensive and credible combination of skills, subject matter experience and knowledge of the business to give you and your stakeholders the level of assurance needed to continue to meet the objectives of the organisation and for sustained growth.

A variable cost model that will help you maximise your budget with resources that will hit the ground running hard.

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