As a group, our aim is to provide excellent resources with operational, regulatory and strategic experience.

We want to provide our clients with practical, accurate and defensible analysis that gets them through their regulatory and operational barriers.

Why GRT?

Together, our teams often have decades of experience in front to back operations in many finance houses as well as direct trading and compliance experience.

Our focus is always on:

  • Practical Solutions
  • Collaboration
  • Long Term Relationships
Our Services

Knowledge • Passion • Determination • Delivery

To partner with your existing organisation to make your business solutions happen through…

Knowledge and diagnostics of key regulatory requirements that affect the industry

Flexible teams that provide key roles on an interim basis

Proven project managers and support staff, often with previous positions at banks, the “Big 4” or other large consultancies

Collegiate working style to provide seamless support within your teams and knowledge transfer to allow efficient business-as-usual operations

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Meet The Leadership Team

  • Ayaz Siddiqui

    Ayaz Siddiqui

    Associate Director

  • Rohit Sabhlok

    Rohit Sabhlok

    Managing Director

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