Our suggested team can fit into your existing programme structure or work independently to accelerate your goals.

Our team combines Front Office and regulatory knowledge to move your programmes forward. We work within your current teams to lead workstreams or provide real business analysis to accelerate your goals.

Regulatory Consulting

Practical operational delivery of projects

Cross Referenced regulatory toolkits

Discussions with CF10s to focus on key issues

Key Strengths

  • Decades of experience across operational banking and regulatory environment
  • Expertise in working banks, brokers and investment managers on multi-path strategic processes
  • Extensive work internally and externally with banks and regulatory bodies

Operational Change

Analysis of core processes from a business and regulatory viewpoint

Highlighting key issues for concern

Providing resource that has the experience to identify issues and offer solutions

Key Strengths

  • Huge experience with key events e.g., Lehman collapse, Northern Rock bailout, regulations
  • Extensive contacts within the banking ops world
  • Ability to train up staff to take on operational roles whilst on engagements
  • Cheaper than the Big 4 with practical experience

Strategic Consulting

Strategic planning

Competitive landscape analysis

Financial analysis and business analysis

Partner ecosystem with ex- Mckinsey and Bain Consultants

Key Strengths

  • Strategic planning and delivery of operational change programmes
  • Building communities e.g. CF10a round tables to actually discuss solutions
  • We can provide the market
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